Morgantown’s South High Street – Part I

Welcome to South High Street!  I’ll be adding more in the near future.

Please enjoy!
Chris Dale


1923: The view from Dorsey Avenue looking down High Street 1-South-High-Street-June-6-1923


1910: Note the “cone” on top of the building as well as the “A” facade. Also, check out the balconies that no longer exist.



Circa 1926: In the background there is a building with the word Strand written across it. This was a theater. Keep that building in mind for much later posts. Also, note that the “A” top of the building to the right is gone in 1926. 3a-Down-High-Street-in-front-of-Warner-1926

Below, you can still see a part of the facade on today’s building. DSC_0392


1910: A streetcar on High Street approaching Pleasant Street



1937: Waiting outside the Warner for the premier of Penrod and Sam, a movie made from a very popular set of three books about two mischievous boys. The first book was published years earlier in 1917; however, in 1931 the three books were published together in one volume, Penrod: His Complete Story. Here is a YouTube video of a portion of the movie should you want to see what the kids were waiting to watch. Sorry it’s a little out of focus but it started raining and I was moving! 3-Warner-Theater-with-kids-1937


Circa 1929: Cars with Indiana license plates parked at the corner of High Street and Kirk Street’ in Morgantown. One has a sign attached to it that reads, “I may be old but I can still get hot.” Behind the automobiles, Richard Restaurant can be seen. The area where the building stood in now the parking lot for Hastings Funeral Home. car-on-high-street-with-sign


[Undated]: Eleanor Roosevelt is getting into a car parked in front of the Hotel Morgan. The build to the left and across the street that housed Richard’s Restaurant is no longer standing. It’s the parking lot for Hastings Funeral Home. She was a frequent visitor to the area because of the New Deal community in Arthurdale and also to visit Scotts Run. You can visit Arthurdale Heritage here. E

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10 thoughts on “Morgantown’s South High Street – Part I

  1. I believe the covered bridge is actually University Ave. over Deckers Creek with the Funeral home on foundry street in the background

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  2. I think the covered bridge is below the current High St bridge. I believe the house seen above the bridge is the current Dering Funeral home on Foundry St. In the background is the ME church, former Cohen Furniture store and now Huntington Bank Parking lot.


  3. Wonderful to see the changing perspective. Interesting how many trees we were able to grow or build around.


  4. Very nice. I was born in Morgantown and grew up there. I worked for Fred L. Jenkins on Foundry street as a young man, and attended Morgantown High. The pictures brought back memories. Well Done!

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  5. Loved seeing the transformation. Born in 1941 I wish there were some photos further up the Street where our store was, Mountaineer Flower Center.

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  6. This is a wonderful contribution to our appreciation of our city. (I need to figure out how to make the shots linger longer so that I can see and compare details.) It is a definite favorite that I will look at again and again. Thank you, Chris Dale!


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